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Business plan evaluation


Market analysis


Technical evaluation


Sales book preparation


Due diligence process


Contract revision

Finance raising

We can provide a wide range of services to assist with your M&A activities tailored to your needs and always prepared with client input.

Kingston Gorton focuses on small to medium operations that require a more personalised approach.

M&A activities require market knowledge and strategic thinking coupled with a deep understanding of the industry and the players. For almost 30 years our team has been part of the automotive industry and our focus is on this industry. 

Kingston Gorton has demonstrable experience in M&A practices as both buyer and seller with operations up to €125M. Our emphasis is on smaller operations which require a personalised approach with discrete teams of specialists brought in from our extensive network of independent professionals and advisors when required.

We can provide technical specialists from a broad range of automotive disciplines to assist with product or system evaluations, experienced investment banking professionals where advise or financing is required and senior management consultants to provide business evaluations of a target’s business and strategy plans. 

We can help you find targets, or help you divest.  We can manage the process, or advise you every step of the way. 


Of course sales or acquisitions can easily create customer concerns, but the human capital, a key component of any process, can also be impacted adversely if not treated with the care they deserve.  


M&A requires high levels of confidentiality within an organisation and this can often be compromised by using an internal team who may even be the object of the project.

An independent advisor can assist with:

Confidentiality plans and processes
Employee retention schemes and evaluation
Internal and external communication protocols


And Afterwards?

Once the acquisition is complete, the integration starts. Integration can often be the most challenging element of the process. On-boarding, new procedures, establishing the new corporate identity and HR challenges can easily slow and hinder integration.

An independent advisor with extensive M&A experience can lead you through these complex issues helping you to avoid mistakes ensuring a smooth integration for new team members.

An independent advisor can assist with:

Integration preparation
Employee evaluation

Dealing with the new identity and vision

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